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07 Sep '14

Interesting Article - I'm Just Not That Into My Kids

Posted by Rebecca Angell

I read this article and sat with it for a bit.  This is an honest article with some hard truths about the trying times with parenting.  It will also provide comfort to parents that it is ok not to like every stage your child goes through and to get more help from different sources during these times.  I can personally (and comfortably) say that this article has lifted a little weight off my shoulders with some of the innocent pressures you can receive from family and friends about "enjoying it all".

This mum has a really good and slightly controversial point of view.  This article will certainly take the pressure off some parents and offer great solutions on how to deal with the stages that some parents wish would end.  

Would love to know what you think

www.washingtonpost.com - I'm Just Not That Into My Kids - 4/09/14



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